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Kobo Desktop is a free app that lets you read and buy eBooks using your PC or Mac. Kobo Desktop lets you: Manage eBooks on your Kobo eReader. Read books you've purchased from Kobo. Shop for books on your computer. Sync your eReader.

Kobo Books Reading App Android Apps on Google Play

Discover millions of eBooks and audiobooks in every genre, new deals every day, and free reads to download. Subscribe to Kobo Plus Enjoy endless reading and listening for one low price, with access to over 1 million eBooks and audiobooks*. *Audiobooks available only in select countries. Bluetooth® wireless headphones or speaker required.

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Open up to over 6 million eBooks and audiobooks on award-winning eReaders and the free Rakuten Kobo App. Find Daily Deals, read previews & reviews and get book recommendations.

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Published Mar 3, 2011 Readers like you help support MUO. When you make a purchase using links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read More. Thousands of free books easily synced across all of your devices, automatically. Kobo is an ebook store with applications offered for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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(Image credit: Kobo) 2. Kobo eBook Store. Over a million free ebooks for your Kobo. Kobo might make some of our favorite ereaders, but the company also has a vast store of ebooks and, the company.

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Today's Top Free eBooks | eBooks | Rakuten Kobo Home Today's Top Free eBooks Today's Top Free eBooks The best free titles of the week. Showing 14 - 23 of 10 Results King of Midnight Rosethorn Valley Fae #1 by Tasha Black Book 1 - Rosethorn Valley Fae

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5. Kobo Bookstore. Kobo is the last major player in the literary e-tailer game, with a huge digital store and its own brand of e-readers. To find Kobo's free ebook section, hover over the "eBooks" tab at the top of the page and click Free eBooks on the right.

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My Kobo (Libra2) is my first ereader, never had a Kindle. I chose Kobo because I can use it to borrow epubs from the library. I primarily borrow ebooks from the library! It only is available in certain countries. If it works in your country, all you will need is your local library card.

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The top option for free Kindle books may surprise some, but it's true: Amazon offers up free ebooks directly on its website. You can find free ebooks for your Kindle by searching "free ebooks" on Amazon. It's that simple. This simple method is one of the best ways to obtain free ebooks.

Kobo Books eBooks & Audiobooks Android Apps on Google Play

Free books are available from Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble, and since you can also read ebooks on your smartphone or laptop, it's not exclusive to e-readers. Here's how to make the most.

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The best way to search for free ebooks on Kobo is to search for a topic, author, or category, and then select Free Ebooks from a drop-down menu of search results. Using search box repeatedly should narrow down the number of displayed results, and you should be able to identify whether Kobo is a good destination for free ebooks at all.

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Inker and Crown. by Megan O'Russell. Series Book 1 - Guilds of Ilbrea. (56) Ilbrea: A magnificent country that offers fame to those brave enough to seize their place among the Guilds—no one has worked harder to find their scrap of glory than Adrial Ayres.

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The Spy Who Kissed Me. by Pauline Baird Jones. (8) Isabel "Stan" Stanley is stuck in a rut in the DC suburbs. As a wannabe romance writer, she hopes a sexy muse falls into her lap. But she never expected a handsome spy to dive through her sunroof…. Read more.

Kobo Books Reading App Android Apps on Google Play

Kobo claims they've got over 1 million free ebooks. Recently access to these titles have been limited even more. The landing page for free Kobo books is not working for all users. The search trick is still there, however. To find free ebooks, simply perform any search, you can look for author's name, title of the book or genre.

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eBooks First in Series Start a new series for free! View all A Bookshop to Die For M.P. Black Free READ with Kobo Plus Her Deadly End Tikiri Herath Free READ with Kobo Plus Make Me Lose Ember Leigh Free READ with Kobo Plus Shortcake Christopher Gorham Calvin Free READ with Kobo Plus The Gwythienian Savannah J Goins Free Add to My Books

Kobo Books Reading App Android Apps on Google Play

You could directly get free Kobo eBooks from the Kobo website itself. The Kobo websites offers free eBooks for Kobo users to download and read. You must have learned how to download free eBooks for Kobo.